Welcome to the Youmongus Ad Network

Part of PM Marketing-NetworkLeads Integrated Marketing Platform (IMP).

The Youmongus Ad Network is a network of dozens of custom built Classified Ad sites. Each site has ads posted to it regularly. Traffic from the sites increase Search Engine results for our subscribers.

Each site gets thousands of visitors every month and Youmongus Ads are displayed on dozens and dozens of additional websites.

If you search for something online and see multiple entries for that item on the first pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duck Duck Go and other popular search engines, it is likely to be the result of what we do on The Youmongus Ad Network.

Some companies charge hundreds, even thousands of dollars every month, but we're not like other companies.

Just $50/month to run ads on 35+ sites.
You can edit your ads at any time for even better results.

You Do Your Part, We'll Do Ours.

Start Now!

There are a total of 35 Unique Websites associated with The Youmongus Ad Network for this project. If you want us to list you on even more, we can... just contact us for customized packages.

We also provide plenty of training... and you get to use what we teach on other things you are doing, such as Phase2, Phase3, Youmongus Blog, etc.

It's pretty obvious to anyone that works with us... we really do everything we can for our customers.

The Youmongus Ad Network will show you how you can advertise effectively.

If you have access to a computer, the desire to learn, and the self-discipline to go to work and apply what works, then you're ready to Get Started Right now. We'll even help you with training along the way.

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